Rickenbacker double neck guitar

Rickenbacker double neck guitar

Dream guitars for 2011; Doubleneck Rickenbackers, Gibson Modernes, and Vintage Electric 12’s
In case you haven’t seen them yet, we have the pleasure of selling, as a pair, two 1975 doubleneck Rickenbackers: one 360 12 (6 and 12-string) and one 4080 (6-string and bass), both in azureglo blue finish. Either guitar is special on its own, but as a pair they are truly stunning.

Recently we listed these on Ebay, and it was the most viewed, most watched auction we’ve ever launched. One ebayer who wrote in was a former employee of Rickenbacker who actually remembered working on these guitars as part of a series of doublenecks done by Rickenbacker at that time. Unreal.

It would be a shame to split this pair up, so as of now, they are being sold as a unit.

These Ricky’s are not the only pair on the dance floor. We’ve also got a twin set of 1982 Gibson Modernes–two of less than 150 made. One white, one natural korina, both very clean, both light, both play great. Perfect for the player, collector, or ogler.

Finally, anyone for electric 12’s? To keep the ‘69 335 12 company, we’ve got a mint condition 1967 Epiphone Riviera 12 in a rare brown finish, with original case and hang tags. Knockout clean condition.


NOTE: You are bidding on or buying the magazine advertisement pictured above! You are not buying the item shown in the picture, only the magazine advertisement for it!

This approximate 8 1/2 ” x 11 1/2 “  vintage collectible will be admired for years to come way beyond the + years it is now.  J.J.’s has been in the collectibles business for over 23 years, involved in music since 1969 and has worked with thousands of Ebay members since 1997.
Be the lucky bidder/buyer of this great vintage original magazine advertisement . This is not a copy or facsimile, but the actual magazine advertisement from the magazine.  This excellent condition original vintage magazine advertisement may have some browning or yellowing on the edges that adds to its nostalgic look, but is in overall excellent mint condition.  (See Picture )
If you really enjoy vintage items, you can get this great magazine advertisement dry mounted and framed and you will have a real keepsake from back in time or a great gift for a special friend.
Most vintage ads were printed for very small circulation and many are printed for one specific and/or special issue and are therefore, highly collectible and one of a kind. They are great memoribilia vintage collectibles and will be admired for years to come.
See all of our Vintage Ads by visiting our Ebay Store by clicking the icon above or in our seller information block!  Then click on the left hand “search” box to find your item of interest in our Ebay Store!
Shipping for upto (5) ADs purchased is $3.00.   We will not be held liable for items once they ship unless Insured! (We ship worldwide!). J.J.’s ships all of their vintage magazine ads in a magazine bag and stiff cardboard tube for maximum protection.
Auction payments are expected NO LATER than 10-12 working days after the auction ends. Winners of auctions ending on Fri, Sat, or Sun will be notified the next business day.

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